Best B2B / B2C PHP Portal Script

Script comes with fully loaded features, SMS Integration, Emailing,etc. Very user friendly, Easy to navigate frontend. Site can be managed fully from admin control panel. Power Database Backup & Restore System. 100% Clone of,

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Best B2B / B2C PHP Portal Script

B2B Trader is one of the best PHP B2B Script with complete powerful features required to start B2B Online Portal System where buyers/sellers across worldwide trade. B2B Traders platform offers a low-cost, easy-to-use business solution. Our software empowers buyers-sellers to contact each other instantly with powerful inbuilt funcationality. With elaborate search functionality, advanced SEO reporting, as well as a fully customized platform. Our software fulfill all your needs if you are looking for the best php script, php b2b script, alibaba clone script, ec21 clone, b2b portal software etc.


B2B Trader is one of the most powerful PHP B2B Script to run your own online B2B Portal Site. Our Alibaba type Script can be used to launch your B2B or B2C site on internet. We have created our B2B Script by keeping in mind all the necessary features for Buyers, Sellers & Traders. Our Script is more or less very similar to Our B2B Script can also be customized at any time as per your business needs. Script has been developed by a team to experienced professionals with the motive to provide a stable bug free foundation to your trading portal site.

What is B2B & B2C ?
Business-to-business (B2B) describes commerce transactions between businesses, such as between a manufacturer and a wholesaler, or between a wholesaler and a retailer. Contrasting terms are business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-government (B2G). B2B sites are used where volume of transactions are more. However incase of B2C transaction, sale of the finished product to the end customer.

Our Alibaba B2B Scripts can also be used in the context of communication and collaboration. Nowadays many companies are using our B2B Scripts in order to generate more sales and business with other companies. B2B Scripts helps in increasing transaction between Employees of different Companies.

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Benefits of B2B Script.

Benefits of B2B Script.
Our B2B Scripts can help you and benefit you in many ways if you are planning to start a B2B Portal Site. Whether you want to start a B2B Portal site for your own or your company or for business purposes in anyways it will increase your website traffic, increase business collaboration, Increase Brand name value, Increases Sales, Increase Earnings from Advertisings etc.

If you're an individual you can use our Standard Version B2B Script to start a B2B Portal site. Once launched and the site is live, and with a little bit of online promotion, you will find people, business person and companies are getting registered on your site. If you want you can just keep the registration fees or you can keep nominal fees. You can earn a nice income if you are doing a nice promotion. You can also earn from Google Adsense, and other types of advertisings.

If you're planning to run a B2B Portal Site for business purpose, our B2B Script will help you a lot. With a small online marketing & promotion of your site, you can easily drive a good number of traders to your site. You can keep a reasonable membership fees for providing B2B Trading platform for sellers and buyers. In a short time of period you can too build a fortune like top B2B Sites,, etc.


    Summary of B2B Script
  • We have build the B2B Script by keeping in mind all the basic features a Buyer and Seller needs in any B2B Portal Site. We have also designed the user friendly B2B Layout. Easy-to-go navigations for visitors and members. Excellent My Account Section for members, wherein members can easily keep track of all their sell leads and buying leads. Easy to contact features members-members, sellers-buyers, buyers-sellers etc. You can create an efficient, trusted web platform to connect small and medium-sized buyers and suppliers from all around the world. It is also is extremely flexible so that you can customize according to your needs. The script is also easy to manage as it comes with a powerful back office application providing full control over the website like structure management, templates, server side forms, detailed statistics to the administrators. You can earn revenue from your site by converting the traffic into ads and membership charges. This is the best solution if you are looking to run an online B2B trading website. We have integrated many features which you can use and take full advantage of the online B2B portal.
    Home Page
  • Completely configurable site colors, icons and graphics
  • MULTILEVEL CATEGORIES for convenient browsing
  • Category ordering can be defined by admin or set to alphabetic Product Catalog
  • Company profiles
  • Sell Offers
  • Buy Offers
  • IMAGE GALLERY for products, sell offers and buy offers
  • Logo uploading for company profiles
  • Trade alerts in email
  • Inbox/outbox for messages
  • Block list
  • Contact seller/buyer
  • Three membership levels : Gold, Silver and Bronze
  • ACCESS RIGHTS of each level are configurable from the admin panel
  • Maintain company profile
  • Post/Edit/Remove/Relist sell offers
  • Post/Edit/Remove/Relist buy offers
  • Post/Edit/Remove/Relist catalog items
  • WYSIWYG editor for HTML formatted item description
  • Front page display and special exposure to GOLD MEMBER LISTINGS
  • Advanced search
  • Search based on keywords, categories, posting dates, countries etc.
  • Front page display for listing categories and Gold member listings
  • Inquire about multiple products
  • Site usage STATS
  • Extensive Members control panel
  • Contact us form for getting FEEDBACK from visitors
  • Favorite list management system
  • EMAIL VERIFICATION (Can be switched on/off from admin panel)
  • Password retrieval system
  • Support for banner ads, text ads and affiliate ads.
  • Support for running google adwords
  • Listing Page
  • Related Keywords/Product/Services displays on the left side panel depending on user search.
  • Displays search listings based on user inputs with featured listings at first. Business listings displays summary like Company Name, Location, Phone No., Deals in with click to view detail business listing page.
  • Displays Paid Service Tags like Power Seller, Verified, Satisfaction Guarantee & Elegant Look for featured listings.
  • Rating system for each business. User can rate and comment for particular business listing)
  • Elegant Ajax based pop � includes SMS form, Email to seller form, Report Incorrect Business listing, Report Abuse, Write Review & Edit Listing form (For Business Listing Owner).
  • Right Site Panel displays � Website Owner or Sites current Twitter Tweets, Face book Fan page & List of coupons available.
  • Easy Page navigation System.
  • Listing Detail Page
  • Complete Business Listing Details Like- Company Name, Contact Person Name, Phone No., Mobile No., Fax No., send Email form, Website link, Address, Complete list of product & services dealing in, Business working days and timings, Other Company information�s like No. of Employees, Date of Establishment, Professional/Association, List of Reviews & Ratings, List of Available Coupons.
  • Left Side Panel Displays related keywords/products/services for easy to go user navigation.
  • Right Side panel displays � Regular Video or YouTube video of respective listing, Google Map, Twitter Tweets of respective business listing company, Face book page of company.
  • On click of any coupon displays coupon in pop-up with full detailed coupon with company logo and option to print coupon.
  • Elegant Ajax based pop � includes SMS form, Email to seller form, Report Incorrect Business listing, Report Abuse, Write Review & Edit Listing form (For Business Listing Owner).
    Site Configuration
  • Extensive USAGE STATS
  • Recent stats for offers posted today, yesterday and in last 7 days
  • Similar stats are available for catalog items, profiles and new signups
  • CATEGORIES MANAGEMENT console (multilevel)
  • Add / edit / remove categories
  • Category ordering for display on front end
  • SHIFT LISTINGS from one category to another.
  • Highly configurable site parameters.
  • Highly configurable layout parameters
  • Full control over site color scheme (directly from admin panel)
  • Create / Edit / Save as many COLOR SCHEMES as you like
  • Fully customizable graphic elements (directly from admin panel)
  • Create / Edit / Save as many ICON SETS as you like
  • Switch ON-OFF email verification process
  • Configure all OUTGOING EMAILS
  • Image thumb nailing
  • CLEANUP routines
  • Configure FEES for different membership levels
  • Extensive member management console
  • View/Edit/Delete Members
  • Search members
  • BAD WORD filter
  • Search/edit/delete/approve products in catalog
  • Extensive company profile management console
  • Search/view/edit/approve company profiles
  • Extensive BUY OFFERS MANAGEMENT console
  • Search/edit/delete/approve buy offers
  • Extensive SELL OFFERS MANAGEMENT console
  • Search/edit/delete/approve sell offers
  • Search/edit/delete messages sent through site
  • Visitor FEEDBACKS section
  • Sponsored ad management
  • Support for banner ads, text ads and affiliate ads
  • Admin can Add/Edit/Delete/Approve/Disapprove any ad
  • Support for running google adwords
  • Each job openings will be having form, which on submission will be delivered to the site admin.